West Coast Cruise Experience

The tour starts from Santa Margherita LigureChiavari or Camogli and continues west of the Ligurian coast to enjoy a wonderful day discovering the Golfo Paradiso, Golfo del Tigullio, and, on request, also the Golfo dei Poeti.

We will discover beautiful places like the Bay of Paraggi and Portofino.

The history of this world-famous village has its roots in Roman times. Fishing village and safe port for boats that went up the coast, Portofino has always been a crossroads of exchange for goods and people. 

Because of its importance, the town passed through the most important Genoese aristocratic families, but it was with Andrea Doria that it gained its greatest prestige.

This pearl of the Ligurian Sea today is half of tourists and celebrities; its unique landscape, crystal clear water and unspoiled nature make Portofino one of the most beautiful and well-known villages in the world.

Continue towards the Abbey of San Fruttuoso that has no equal in beauty and prestige. Its foundation is shrouded in legend, but its beauty shines every day when the first ray of morning sun illuminates its facade.

Over time it was ruled by Abbati close to the most influential Genoese families, but it is with the Doria family that the complex developed a flourishing control of the surrounding territory.
Just above the tower of the Doria, family home placed to control the bay.

In the waters at the entrance of the small inlet is placed on the bottom the Christ of the Abyss: an effigy of Christ with open arms to protect those who go to sea.

For lunch you can stop in Punta Chiappa in the charming restaurant Stella Maris.

You arrive in the charming village of Camogli with its trap.
The name of Camogli originates in the marine nature of the place. It comes from the House of the wives, where the sailors returned to embrace the family after their voyages.

The colorful medieval palaces, the moored boats, the fishermen who repair the nets with meticulous patience, are just some of the striking images that you can see in this location.

Here our tender will accompany you to the shore, leaving you time to visit this village of incredible beauty that will leave in your heart the desire to return.

Continue along the coast to Bogliasco, a characteristic village on the Ligurian coast near Genoa, and return to the port of departure.

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