“Love Me Tender” is the ideal service for the rental of speed boats with driver, to better enjoy your day cruise along the Levante Ligurian coast.

“Love Me Tender” is a brand of Luxury Charter Portofino Srl, created to ensure a high profile service, with the aim to let you experience first hand a daily unforgettable cruise along the coast, going to sea as the yachtsman of past times.

To achieve this, we created the brand “Love Me Tender”, drawing inspiration from several classic musts like attention to detail, style, personality, appearance, exclusivity, elegance, education, smile and kindness, which are the basis of elite travel services; and as we are Italians, fine cuisine can not miss on board prepared by the restaurant Teresa di Pegli, one of the most renowned restaurants in northern Italy, and Bisson cellar to accompany the delicious refreshments on board with a selection of fine and unique wines such as the Abyss, aged in the deep waters in front of Portofino. There are three new top-class boats to which we entrust our brand to develop this service:

  • “LOVE ME TENDER 1 °” a prestigious new generation Sangermani with clean, classic lines
  • “LOVE ME TENDER 2 °” a ‘elegant “custom boat” made of wood and carbon, which is also made in Italy.
  • “LOVE ME TENDER 3rd” a prestigious vintage sailing ship built and designed by Sangermani Cantieri di Lavagna, renowned all over the world in the nautical history of the last century.

Why do VIPs and the celebrities in Portofino and surroundings, prefer “Love Me Tender”?

To differentiate and elevate our service with respect to the competition, it is not only the type of boats, so cozy and elegant, but also and above all the good ways and discretion of the crew, always ready to welcome customers with a smile and simplicity, reserving their full attention. Skippers in white uniforms, welcome guests on board with a welcome cocktail, followed during the day by a dedicated gourmet, prepared by the most accurate Ligurian restaurant owners; to get to some small but important “on-board attention” as the Wi-Fi service for Internet access, an onboard telephone available to customers for international calls, and a digital Bluetooth stereo, to give even more emphasis to evening outings with the “notes Al Chiar Di Luna” program. The skilled commanders of Luxury Charter Portofino, are also available as “Cicerone” to guide guests through a naturalistic and historical trail unique and extraordinary. What about the exciting experience of whale watching aboard the “Love Me Tender”, accompanied by a marine biologist to meet and learn more about the whales up close, or to be able to watch the tug of large fishing nets of the tonnara of Camogli near Punta Chiappa with local fishermen? Our Business collaborates with renowned restaurants along the coast so our customers can enjoy the best of our culture, our nature and our Ligurian tradition.

The on-board languages are English and Italian, on request we also have tour guides for more foreign languages).

On board, everything is designed so that you may live an authentic, unforgettable day.

LOVE ME TENDER as the best solution and opportunity to complete a seaside holiday, discovering up close the beauty of our beautiful land, our beautiful sea, to fully enjoy the natural beauty, pampered by a five-star service. Our boats, elegant, refined, reliable and safe, are equipped with all amenities.

Daily sea excursions to the most exclusive and fascinating areas of Liguria: Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Camogli, Sestri Levante, the Cinque Terre and Portovenere are the most popular destinations among the many opportunities offered by our service “Love Me Tender”.

Our trips between the resorts of Liguria are comfortable and on request also fast. An exclusive and refined way to move in absolute freedom.

Our service is available and usable from 15 April to 10 December.

Rent a Boat Portofino - Rent a Boat Santa Margherita - Day Cruise Portofino - Day Cruise Santa Margherita - Love Me Tender 1

Love Me Tender 1°

Rent a Boat Portofino - Rent a Boat Santa Margherita - Day Cruise Portofino - Day Cruise Santa Margherita - Love Me Tender 2

Love Me Tender 2°

Rent a Boat Portofino - Rent a Boat Santa Margherita - Day Cruise Portofino - Day Cruise Santa Margherita - Love Me Tender 3

Love Me Tender 3°